Points to be careful of zipper:side

Today’s handcraft topic is “Points to be careful of zipper:side".

points to be careful of zipper:side

Side of zippered pouch is here.

side of zippered pouch

Uneven. Hard to sew.


Find a solution. Fabric tape.

fabric tape

Place a tape under a all-purpose foot. Easy to sew.

place a tape

Make tape

1. Fold the edges of fabric (1cm).


When making creases, it is recommended to use an sewing ruler for iron. The folds are neat and the finish is nicely.

2. Fold the fabric in half with right side together. Then sew.


3. Turn inside out, and stitch the edge.


Fix zipper with basting.

fix zipper with basting

Making movie is the following.

Points to be careful of zipper:side – YouTube