How to make fabric ball pattern

Today’s handcraft topic is “How to make fabric ball pattern".

how to make fabric ball pattern

Make pattern with CAD software.

ball and pattern

Set up X and Y.




10cm diameter×3.14=31.4cm circumference

diameter and circumference

6 panels fabric ball, 31.4÷6=5.2333…cm=about 5.23cm (1 panel)

Y=31.4cm circumference÷2=15.7cm

d cm diameter, n panels, X=3.14d÷n, Y=3.14d÷2

X and Y

Make pattern with CAD

Straight line command.

straight line command

3-point arc command.

3-point arc command

Offset command. Add a seam allowance. It’s done.

add a seam allowance

Following is the video for how-to.

How to make fabric ball pattern – YouTube