How to attach a fusible interfacing

Today’s handcraft topic is “How to attach a fusible interfacing".

how to attach a fusible interfacing

In general, attach a interfacing. Like this…

in general, attach a interfacing

As for me, fabric is wrinkled and end up coming off. Change the way.

wrinkle and came off

How to

※Notice:This method my own way. You can try at your own risk.

1. Get the wrinkles ironed out. Remove some lint.

get the wrinkles ironed out

2. Lay the fusible side down on top of the fabric. Then lay a press cloth on top of the interfacing.

fusible side down

3. Firstly, smooth the press cloth with iron. (Iron settings, follow the package instructions of interfacing.) Weigh “Get wrinkles out of press cloth" more heavily than “Adhesion".

press cloth

4. Next, “Adhesion". A llittle rise the iron, slide slowly. Attach heat to the entire of fabrics evenly. Just put the iron on the fabrics. Fabric is wrinkled and off.

I have a gut feeling that put the iron on the fabrics 50% of iron weight.

move slowly

5. When the temperature of fabrics came up, just put the iron on the fabrics. Adhere fast. Iron the fabrics from various directions for uniform heating.

Don’t put your weight on the iron, apply mild pressure.

heat the whole evenly

6. Let the fabrics cool to room temperature.

let the fabrics cool

7. When the fabrics is cooled, remove the press cloth. Check if there is anything wrong (wrinkles, peeling). It’s done.

check the fabric

Making movie is the following.

How to attach a fusible interfacing – YouTube