Add the tabs to zipper

Today’s handcraft topic is “Add the tabs to zipper".

add the tabs to zipper

1. Fabrics for tab, 5.2cm by 5.2cm are 2 pieces. (Seam allowances are included)

fabrics for tab

2. Fold the fabrics (1cm).

fold the fabrics

When making creases, it is recommended to use an sewing ruler for iron. The folds are neat and the finish is nicely.

3. Fold the fabric in half with right side. Then sew the top and bottom.

sew the top and bottom

4. Cut off extra seams.

cut off extra seams

5. Turn inside out. Then iron.

turn inside out

6. Cover the zipper end with tab, and stitch.


7. Other side of zipper end, do the same way. It’s done.

other side of zipper end do the same way
add the tabs to zipper

Making movie is the following.

Add the tabs to zipper – YouTube