Re-cover the ironing board

I try to re-cover the my ironing board. Because my board is well-used and well-seasoned.

Remove the cloth and back paper.

Then appear the thin paper. Remove the thin paper. Appear the felty cloth, cardboard, and board.

As with the cloth, this thin paper is well-seasoned, so repaper the ironing board.

Use a parchment paper. It’s oven-proof paper, so must be ironing-proof.

Stick the parchment paper and board together with double-stick tape.

Cloth for the ironing board, use a broadcloth (plain, unbleached). Broadcloth, about 70cm by 45cm.
Ironing board, about 60cm by 36cm and 3.5cm high.

Stick the broadcloth and ironing board together with double-stick tape.

Four corners of the board, be suitably-finished.

Stick the paper and ironing board together with double-stick tape. It’s done.
(Paper is wrapping paper. I bought this paper at hundred-yen store.)

This ironing board has the nice looks, but feel coarse. Usability is …, just wait until use it.

Re-cover the ironing board, movie is the following.

Re-cover the ironing board – YouTube