Tutorial:How to make a patched triangle zipper pouch (with lining)

Today’s DIY(handcraft work)is a patched triangle zipper pouch. If you change the combination of the offcuts (fabric scraps), you can make various types of triangle pouches. If you have a short zipper about 10cm long and a small offcut, you can make it quickly. So please try making it.

patched tetra pouch

I recommend putting treats inside the triangle pouch and using it as a gift. After eating the sweets inside, it can be used as a carry pouch. It would also be cute to use it as a pouch for small items such as lip balm or hair accessories.


The two pieces of fabric for the exterior are 13cm x 13cm. (Seam allowances are included, interfacing to be attached)

outer fabrics

The two pieces of fabric for the lining of the pouch are 13cm x 13cm. (Seam allowances are included)

inner fabrics

1 piece of tape or ribbon is needed for the tabs. (1cm x 6cm)


You will also need one 10cm zipper.


For the zipper, fold the tape part at both ends and sew it in place.

fold the zip tape and sew

Fold the edge of the zipper so that it does not cover the seam allowance of the pouch. If the edge overlaps the seam allowance, it will be thicker and more difficult to sew, and it will also affect the finished look.

How to sew the zipper

1. Sew the exterior fabric and zipper together with the right side. (the front sides of the fabric lined up with each other.) When sewing, use a needle to hold the zipper in place to prevent it from shifting. This will make it easier to sew.

sew the outer fabric and zipper

2. Then sew the exterior and lining with right side together.

sew the outer and inner

The zipper is the most important part of the pouch. If you don’t know how to attach a zipper, or if you are not good at sewing zippers, please read this article. This article explains exactly how to do it.

3. Fold the exterior fabric over, and iron. Then stitch the edge.


4. Baste the exterior fabric and tab (fold in half) together. (The “stop” keeps the zipper’s slider in place; the top side is called the “top stops” and bottom side is called the “bottom stop”.)

baste the outer fabric and tab

5. Sew the other side of zipper in the same way.

sew the other side of zipper

6. Layer the exterior and lining fabrics each other, then sew the bottom part of the fabric together.


7. Press seam allowances open.

press seam allowances open

How to make the triangle pouch

1. Overlap the exterior fabric and lining of the zipper’s bottom stop side. Then sew them together.

sew the bottom stop side of zipper

2. Cut off extra seams.

cut off extra seams

3. Layer the fabrics with right side, and sew the top stops side of zipper. (Leaving 5cm opening for turning.)

sew the top stops side of zipper

The part with the zipper became thick, so be careful when you sew.

4. Cut off extra seams.

cut off extra seams

5. Press seam allowances open, and turn inside out.

press seam allowances open
pull out
turn inside out

6. Sew the edge shut. Your patched triangle zipper pouch is complete.

sew the edge
patched tetra pouch

Following is the video for how-to.

Tutorial:How to make a patched triangle zipper pouch (with lining) – YouTube