How to sew the pencil roll

Today’s handcrafted goods is “pencil roll".

pencil roll


Outer fabric is 19cm by 36cm. (Seam allowances are included, attach interfacing)

outer fabric
attach interfacing

Fusible interfacing gives fabric firmness, and keeps shape of pencil roll.

Inner fabric is 19cm by 36cm. (Seam allowances are included)

inner fabric

Cord is 27cm.


Make pencil roll

1. Fold and press the short side of fabrics. (11cm)

fold and press

2. Baste the outer fabric and cord together.

baste the outer and cord

3. Lay the outer and inner with right side, and sew the side seams. Then press seam allowances open.

sew the side seams

4. Fold and press the fabric.

fold and press the fabric

5. Sew the edge. (Leaving 7cm open for turning.)

sew the edge

6. Cut off extra seams, and press seam allowances open. Then turn inside out.

cut off extra seams
press seam allowances open
turn inside out

7. Iron and sew the edge.

sew the edge

8. Stitch.


9. Fold the fabric (7cm), and stitch. It’s done.

fold the fabric
pencil roll

Making movie is the following.

How to sew the pencil roll – YouTube