DIY hair scrunchie (chiffon)

Today’s handcrafted goods is “hair scrunchie (chiffon)".

hair scrunchie (chiffon)


Fabric (chiffon georgette) is 22cm by 110cm. (Seam allowances are included)

chiffon georgette

Elastic is 18cm.


How to make

1. Fold the fabric in half with right side together. Then sew. (Leaving 8cm open for turning.)


2. Turn inside out. Then put the seam down.

turn inside out

3. Fold the fabric in half. Then sew. (It is better to baste. Be careful about sewing.)


4. Thread the elastic through, tie the elastic end.

thread the elastic through
tie the elastic end

How to tie hair elastic that can be firmly tied and easy to untie.

5. Sew the edge. Fix the shape. It’s done.

sew the edge
hair scrunchie (chiffon)

Making movie is the following.

DIY hair scrunchie (chiffon) – YouTube