How to sew a curved zipper pouch (camo)

Today’s handcrafted goods is “DIY animal camo curved pouch".

animal camo curved pouch


Outer body fabrics, about 13cm by 13cm are 2 pieces. (Seam allowances are included, attach interfacing)

outer fabrics
attach interfacing

Fusible interfacing gives fabric firmness, and keeps shape of pouch.

Inner body fabrics, about 13cm by 13cm are 2 pieces. (Seam allowances are included)

inner fabrics

20cm zipper.


Fold the both ends of zip tape, and sew.

fold the zip tape and sew

How to fold zipper tape extensions. More info.

Iron-on double sided fusible tape, 3mm by 5cm are 2 pieces. (It’s not necessary but convenient.)

iron-on double sided fusible tape

Pattern is here.

curved pouch pattern

Install the zipper

1. Place the fusible tape on the right side of zipper tape.

place the fusible tape

2. Iron the fusible tape 2~3 seconds. (Dry, Medium heat:140~160℃)


3. Allow to cool briefly, and make a cut in zipper tape.

make a cut in zipper tape

4. Remove the release paper.

remove the release paper

5. Lay the fabric and zipper with right side together. Then iron, 2~3 seconds. (Dry, High heat:180~200℃)

iron 2~3 seconds

6. Sew. Then make a cut in zipper tape.


7. Sew the outer and inner with right side together. (It is better to baste.)

sew the outer and inner

8. Cut off extra seams.

cut off extra seams

9. Sew the other side of zipper, do the same way. (Be careful about sewing)

sew the other side of zipper

Make the pouch

1. Sew the outer fabrics with right side together. (Don’t sew 1cm from the edges.)

sew the outer fabrics

2. Inner fabrics, do the same way. (Leaving 6cm open for turning.)

sew the inner fabrics

3. Cut off extra seams, and press seam allowances open.

cut off extra seams
press seam allowances open

4. Turn inside out. Then sew the hem. It’s done.

turn inside out
sew the hem
curved zipper pouch

Making movie is the following.

DIY curved zipper pouch (camo) – YouTube