How to use super pompom maker


1. Raise the arms. Then wrap the yarn tightly and evenly around the arms.

wrap the yarn tightly

2. Keep wrapping the yarn around the arms until its covered.

keep wrapping the yarn

3. How often wrap the yarn? Only as a guide, have a dimple in the center. (Wrapping too much is bad. Fail the pompom, break the pompom maker.)

good and bad

4. Other side of arms, do the same way.

other side of arms, do the same way

5. Cut off the yarn with sharp scissors.

cut off the yarn

6. Tie a strong cord in a tight double knot.


7. Carefully raise the arms, and release the pompom.

carefully raise the arms
release the pompom

8. Trim and shape the pompom. It’s done.


※Attention:Don’t pull a yarn tight. Fall apart the pompom.

don't pull a yarn tight

Making movie is the following.

How to use super pompom maker – YouTube