How to sew the Thomas drawstring pouch

Today’s handcrafted goods is “Thomas drawstring pouch".


Making of Thomas drawstring pouch

Pouch body fabric, 9cm by 59cm. (Seam allowances are included.)

body fabric

Fold and press the short side of body fabric. (1cm、2.5cm)

When making creases, it is recommended to use an sewing ruler for iron. The folds are neat and the finish is nicely.

Then open the 2.5cm fold,…

and sew the long side with zig zag stitch.

zig zag stitch

Fold the body fabric in half,…

and sew the side seams. (Don’t sew 7cm from the top edge.)

Press seam allowances open,…

and sew the side seams to crotch end with U-shaped.

Next, pouch mouth. Fold and press the 2.5cm wide, and stitch.

Then turn inside out, and do the ironing.

Cord fabric is 2 pieces. (50cm×4cm)

Fold the cord fabrics in four, and sew the edge.

Thread the cord through,…

and tie the cord ends.

Cut the extra cord, it’s done.

Making movie is the following.

How to sew the Thomas drawstring pouch – YouTube