How to make a small loom

Today’s handcrafted goods is “small loom “.

small loom


Cardboard, about 2.5cm by 30.6cm. (glue are included)


Thin wood sticks, about 4mm by 4cm are 22 pieces.

thin wood sticks

Tools are engraving knife, glue and sandpaper.

engraving knife, glue and sandpaper

Make loom

1. Carve groove in wood sticks. (For ease of use.)

carve groove in wood sticks

2. Make wood sticks smooth with sandpaper. (For ease of knitting.)


3. Paste the wood sticks in the cardboard. (equal intervals)

paste the wood sticks in the cardboard

4. Make a loop by gluing each end. It’s done.

small loom

Making movie is the following.

How to make a small loom – YouTube