How to sew the table runner

Today’s handcrafted goods is “table runner".

table runner


Materials are the fabric (19cm by 110cm),…


and 255cm bias tape.

bias tape

Fold one end of the tape back, and cut the corners.

fold 1cm
cut the corners

Bind the fabric with bias tape

Place the fabric and tape right sides together, and sew.

For corner, stop 8mm short of fabric edge.

Fold the tape twice along the hem.

fold the tape
fold twice

Then restart the sewing.

restart the sewing

Sewed corner is like this.

Sewed corner

Remaining 3 corners, do the same way.

Complete the sewing, and cut the extra tape.

cut the extra tape

Bind the hems, and stitch. It’s done.

Bind the hems
table runner

Making movie is the following.

How to sew the table runner – YouTube